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About us

What is YeahBaby Studio?

YeahBaby Studio is a fine boutique studio with high-quality play, sports and workout classes for moms, dads and kids in a personal surrounding.


It's a feel-good-place to exchange with other parents and enjoy this magcial time with your baby. And who knows, it might be the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

We offer challenging workout classes for moms with and without baby. It's not about competitive sports but really about feeling your body again and building a healthy and strong foundation to accomplish all upcoming adventures with and without your baby. And maybe you are also an outdoor enthusiast like me and you want to get back at it. Don't worry, we'll get you there. 


You can fully concentrate on working out while your baby cheers for you and we take care of your bodies' special needs after pregnancy and giving birth. We always offer modifications to serve different performance levels.

Classes in German and English. ​

We also have great playgroups for parents with babies. Dads welcome <3 We create a fun different world every time with new games and ideas to inspire you and your baby. Enjoy your baby's development in a nice and relaxing atmosphere and get in touch with other parents. 

Our sports classes for kids are perfect for the gap between kids gymnastics and club sports. It's a small personal and safe environment for your kids to try new games with balls, balance, coordination and of course lots of fun.

We will always try out and add new classes and formats. Stay tuned. 


Also you can rent our spacious, light and beautufiul loft studio for workshops, trainings and kids' birthday parties. It's extremely versatile and different from usual locations.


Who is the head behind YeahBaby studio?

I'm Anne.

Born and raised in Berlin.


I love to move,  I love sports, I love nature and I love to motivate people.

I'm a mom of two and have been working as a personal coach since 10 years. I'm specialized in functional training, with advanced training in  special needs of moms in and after pregnancy, Pilates, nutritions and many more. Personally I love wholistic, sweaty and 

challenging workouts.

I have always been fascianted by the complex interaction of body and mind.  My heart beats for adventures, nature and outdoor sports: Mountainbiking, trailrunning, skiing and surfing are my favourites. Thats my motivation to stay fit, among my kids of course. 

have also worked for big brands and international advertising agencies for more than 15 years. Being a coach has always balanced me well from my desk job.

YeahBaby Studio is a very personal project for me and comes straight from my heart.

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